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Make your special day even more memorable with your own bespoke wedding scent

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One of a kind scent for your one of a kind day

Your wedding is one of the most memorable days of your life. There are so many elements that come together for that special day that you will want to look back on for many years to come.

One of the best ways to savour a memory is to use your different senses, remembering a sight, sound or scent will bring memories of that moment flooding back. 

As it is often difficult to revisit your venue and as you can never recreate the exact scene of your one of a kind event again, we have found that by including a signature scent in your day provides you with a way to travel back to that moment whenever you desire. 

What do we do?


One of our team will have a chat with you about your favourite scents, the time of year your big day is in, the tone and theme of the wedding and the venue.


We will then send you one of our wedding scent boxes that is filled with different scents for you to try and some little wedding gifts from us to you.


We provide you with a step by step guide on how to build your best scent profile and once you have decided we will make you a tester candle to trial at home and make sure everything is perfect. 

Then chose one of our packages for your wedding day or create your own. We will handmake all of your products, be it centrepieces, decorations or wedding favours and gifts and ensure they are safely delivered to your destination. 

We will also keep your scent profile record and send you a unique code so you can order any of our products with your wedding scent for years to come. 

Individualise your scent profile even further

We understand that your wedding day is individual to you and we can personalise your order as much as you want. 

We can provide coloured candles to match your colour scheme, glitter for extra sparkle and toppings such as petals, shapes and even semi precious stones. 

We can also have the lids monogrammed with you and your partners initials and work with you to make your own personalised labels.

Simply Contact us for more information.


Order your box now

All our wedding scent boxes include everything you need to make your wedding days bespoke scent profile including a detailed step by step guide as well as some little gifts from us to say Congratulations! Packaged in a beautiful box.


A 30-40 hour soy candle is also included in the price of the box which we will make with your bespoke scent profile and send back to you for you to try.



All of our packages come with expert guidance and support through your scent design process and in the run up to your big day.


All candles and diffusers have Brier&Grey branding unless requested otherwise, we can assist with designing labels if you need us to. Whatever we can do to help!

Delivery can be arranged with the packages, can't see what you want? Just drop us a message!

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Additional items available

Our Rose Gold Package includes;

6 x 30-40 hour centre piece candles 

2 x reed diffusers 

1 x 70-80 hours, 3 wick top table candle 



Gold Wedding Rings


Additional Items Available

Our Gold Package includes; 


8 x 30-40 hour centre piece candles

2 x reed diffusers 

1 x 70-80 hour, 3 wick top table candle 



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Diamond Ring


Additional items available

Our Platinum Package includes; 

10 x 30-40 hour centre piece candles 

4 x reed diffusers

1 x 70-80 hour, 3 wick top table candle 



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Additional Items or Build your own

Additional items can be added to any package to meet your needs and requirements

Our build your own packages have a minimum order of £50.


Medium Candle

Our medium soy candles are single wicked and have a burn time of 30-40 hours.

From £10

Common Reed

Reed Diffuser

Our reed diffusers come in a variety of bottles and reeds to match your décor.


From simple and elegant to our Pampas and Palms Collection!

From £10


Wedding Party Gifts

Mother of the Bride, Mother of the Groom, Bridesmaids the list goes on. 

We can create a special candle for them with your wedding scent and a personalised message label or even engraved lid that's sure to bring a tear to their eye. 

From £12


Large Candle

Our large soy candles are triple wicked and have a burn time of 70-80 hours.

From £15


Wax melts

Our wax melts make perfect wedding favours and enable everyone to take home part of your special day.


They also give off a scent all by themselves which adds to your days atmosphere.


From £1 pp

For more information please contact us.

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