The Original One

The Original One


Style or Scent... Why not both? 

Our new collection combines everyones favourite dried botanicals with our amazing scents that make a statement piece that distributes your chosen aroma into your living space. 


This bunch can be displayed on its own, combined with other stems or used in our 200ml diffusers! 


Add your choices and make it your own.





Scent Options for diffuser:


The Green One:

Our original scent! A base of vanilla and almond blended with zesty orange and warm bergamont and amber all topped with a hint of coconut. It will remind you of relaxing holidays in tropical lands. 


The Black One:

Smoky oak with tones of leather and deep musk all mixed with spices and a hint of tobacco for a classic deep and rounded scent. 


The Grey One:

Rich, sweet and smooth fragrance that envelops you in a blanket of cocoa butter. An amazingly relaxing and calming scent for any room.


The Blue One:

The sea meets the land. The salty sea air mixing with the freshness of earthy herbs makes this a scent to remeber. Fresh and clean it conjures up images of a sea breeze on a summers day. 


The Pink One:

A classic scent with a twist. A heart of bourbon vanilla and vanilla orchid is enhanced with the spiciness of star anise, fennel and neroli all beautifully combined by smooth tonka. Vanilla and then some.


The Purple One:

A fruity little number. A musky base enhances the medley of fruit scents that erupt from this powerful scent. Main tones of lime and mango are supported by passion fuit, peach and pineapple and topped with subtle lemon this is truly a fruit explosion. 


  • Info and Care

    The arrangement will vary dependng on availability and season.

    Please remember that this is a natural product, there may be discrepencies in colour. 

    We do our best to package all of our products as well as possible but this product is very fragile. If you have any issues with your order then please contact us.

    The pampas grasses may need fluffing on arrival, you can gently use a hairdryer to do so. Spraying them with hairspray will help keep their shape. 

    Diffuser solution may stain so please take care when flipping reeds and removing stems. NEVER place the sticks or stems on a uncovered surface, placing them on some kitchen roll is best, as the solution may strip painted surfaces or varnish. 

    We cannot take responsibility for any damage caused by our products if the care instructions have not been adhered to. 

    Do not ingest any of our products and read safety and care instructions on the base or all products.