Mini Coco

Mini Coco


Mini Coco makes a great addition to any room with natural colours she mixes with a range of decor and style. 


Comprising of a dried palm spear, pampas and other botanicals


Mini Coco can be used in one of our diffusers, we recommend the 200ml due to her petite size or she can be used as a piece on her many options!


This is a natural product and may very in colour or appearance to the image show. Pampas grass will need 'fluffing' on arrival as it will settle in transit. 

  • Care Instructions

    If you would like to use mini coco in a diffuser then please let us know! 

    We may flatten during postage, so please let us settle into our new home for a few days and we should fluff up again or you can help us along with a gentle air flow or shake. 

    Our stem are very fragile please take care with us, keep us away from direct sunlight and heat sources. We may also malt!

  • Diffuser Info

    Diffuser solution may stain so please take care when flipping reeds and removing stems. NEVER place the sticks or stems on a uncovered surface, placing them on some kitchen roll is best, as the solution may strip painted surfaces or varnish. 

    We cannot take responsibility for any damage caused by our products if the care instructions have not been adhered to. 

    Do not ingest any of our products and read safety and care instructions on the base or all products.