Bunny Bunches

Bunny Bunches


Bunch of bunny tails...what more is there to say! On their own or add them together.


Super fluffy and in a range of spring colours. Each single colour bunch has approx 20-30 stems. The mixed bunch has approx 50. 


All natural products may vary in colour, shape, size and fluffiness. Please allow your arrangment to settle after postage. Bunny tails can be fluffed gently with a hair dryer if needed. 

Which scent? See description!
  • Care Instructions

    We are not suitable for use in a diffuser, if this is what you would like to use us for then please let the team know! 

    We may flatten during postage, so please let us settle into our new home for a few days and we should fluff up again or you can help us along with a gentle air flow or shake. 

    Our stem are very fragile please take care with us, keep us away from direct sunlight and heat sources. We may also malt!