Frequently asked questions

Can I just order a candle?

Currently you can only order candles from us of you have previously ordered a scent box and therefore have a scent design code. However we are working on a range of candles, melts and diffusers that will be released in the new year!

What comes in the box?

Each essential box comes with a informtive step by step guide, 15 essential oils, a ratings chart to help you remeber which ones you like, an order form and a little gift from us to help you relax! The wedding box includes the step by step guide, ratings chart, design form, a larger range of essential oils and some little gifts from us to help you celebrate!

Why Brier & Grey

We know that Brier is an unsual spelling and with our love of nature it should be 'Briar' however Brier was the name of a childhood home so we have honoured that in our name. Grey comes from the name of our dog, who has helped with moral support through the whole process and reminds us to take breaks! He appears in some of the images.....see if you can find him.

I need help...

You can contact us anytime through Email, Contact form, Facebook or Instagram! We will do everything we can to help you.

Where's my order?

This time has been tricky for everyone especialy postal and delivery services, all of our couriers have informed us that there may be a delay from the usual delivery times which unfortunately are out of our control. We dispatch all of our products within 3-5 working days however the candles from the scent boxes can take longer as they are each individual and need time to set and cure properly to make sure you get the best experience. If you have any questions or concerns then please contact us.


Do you have a minimum spend? Our packages are self contained however the Build Your Own package has a minimum order of £50 How many candles can you make? As many as you need! There really is no limit on numbers only time, we take great pride in our products so we need enought time to fulfill your order. Contacting us is the best way to find out what we can do for you. Do you deliver? We hand deliver to your venue within Wiltshire and can deliver outside the county for a small fee, alternatively we have some trusted couriers that can transport your purchases to you.